Missouri WR Dorial Green-Beckham Arrested on Drug Charges

Missouri WR Dorial-Green Beckham has been arrested on drug charges in Greene County, Missouri according to the sheriff’s department website. He is listed as having no bond on the distribution, delivering and manufacturing of a controlled substance charge. You can see Beckham’s mugshot here. UPDATE: Looks to have been released but you can see a screenshot below.

Distribution, delivery, manufacture or production of a controlled substance, violations and attempted violations, penalty.

195.211. 1. Except as authorized by sections 195.005 to 195.425 and except as provided in section 195.222, it is unlawful for any person to distribute, deliver, manufacture, produce or attempt to distribute, deliver, manufacture or produce a controlled substance or to possess with intent to distribute, deliver, manufacture, or produce a controlled substance.

 2. Any person who violates or attempts to violate this section with respect to manufacturing or production of a controlled substance of any amount except for five grams or less of marijuana in a residence where a child resides or within two thousand feet of the real property comprising a public or private elementary or public or private elementary or secondary school, public vocational school or a public or private community college, college or university, or any school bus is guilty of a class A felony.

3. Any person who violates or attempts to violate this section with respect to any controlled substance except five grams or less of marijuana is guilty of a class B felony.

4. Any person who violates this section with respect to distributing or delivering not more than five grams of marijuana is guilty of a class C felony.

Screenshot from 2014-01-11 03:27:11


Beckham’s listing has been removed but can still be viewed here.

This was posted in place of his mugshot:

Screenshot from 2014-01-11 04:15:25

UPDATE From TheManEater.com

Sophomore wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was released from Greene County Jail in Springfield, Mo., early Saturday morning, according to a Cpl. Wilcox.

“(The release) probably means he wasn’t involved with what they thought he was involved in,” Wilcox said.

Green-Beckham, a native of Springfield, was initially arrested for distribution or delivering less than five grams of marijuana.

Wilcox said people are held for up to 24 hours in the probable cause holding.

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